8 Best Japandi Style Lights

8 Best Japandi Style Lights

It would be easy to take the ubiquitous paper lampshade for granted. They’re everywhere – a part of modern culture. Inspired by centuries-old Chinese and Japanese ‘Chochin’ lanterns, they’ve been a mainstay of modern interiors for years.

In 1951, Noguchi was invited by the mayor of Gifu, home to the Ozeki lantern factory, to breathe new life into this ancient craft. The result was the distinctive (but often imitated) ‘Akari’ collection. Combining electricity with the traditional bamboo frame and washi paper skin, he transformed the lantern. Their soft glowing ambiance feels instantly homely and there’s something ethereal about the way the light plays with the thinness of the paper. They are functional works of art.

Where Japan Meets Scandinavia

Our innate need to create a home that feels safe, warm, and harmonious has seen the rise of a kind of soft minimalism. We seek comfort in neutral interiors in soft beige and earthy clay tones. We want our furniture not only to reflect our personality but to bring about a tactile connection with natural materials; rattan, wood, paper, linen, and so on.

Trend forecasters have coined the slightly cringy phrase ‘Japanordic’ or ‘Japandi’ to describe the fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian design, but essentially, these two cultures find common ground through simple, considered design and quality materials. Nordic brands are translating the look of traditional Japanese papercraft techniques into contemporary design statements where new iterations include opaline glass.

A contemporary approach to Asian paper lanterns
Create Cosy Ambience with Japandi Style Lights.
If you’d like to incorporate this look into your own home, my edit of Japandi Style Lights picks out options across a range of budgets. From sculptural over-the-dining-table conversation starters to the more subtle bedside lamps.

1. Akari UF4-L10 Floor Lamp | 2. Akari Floor Lamp | 3. Vapor Floor lamp | 4. Akari UF3-Q Floor Lamp | 5. Akari Table Lamp | 6. Akari Table Lamp | 7. Akari Floor Lamp | 8. Akari UF3-Q Floor Lamp

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