9 of The Best Affordable Pendant Lamps Collection

9 of The Best Affordable Pendant Lamps Collection

So, starting with my next "best" post, this time with my pick of the 9 best pendant lights from my favorite brands and independent stores. Through the research I've searched up and down the internet, I've realized how many options there are, from traditional metal lampshades and exposed bulbs to sculptural pendants and metal cages. No wonder it's often difficult to find the right pendant light for you - there are almost too many options, and it's likely that there won't be enough time to sift through the volume.

So I try to limit these "best" neutrals to mostly black, gray, and white (although most designs come in a variety of different colors). All feature designs have been streamlined and considered, and no detail is superfluous or unnecessary - each chandelier is as functional as it is beautiful.

Which pendant is your favorite?

1. Momento Pendant Lamp | 2. Acorn Pendant Light | 3. Flamingo Suspension Lamp | 4. Frisbi Pendant Light | 5. Soleil Noir Pendant Lamp | 6. Mayfair Pendant Lamp | 7. Altura Pendant Lamp | 8. Bell Pendant Lamp | 9. Multi-Lite Pendant Light

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