Five Creative Bedroom Lighting Strategies

Five Creative Bedroom Lighting Strategies

Cozy and cozy bedroom ambiance will blend with the warm glow surrounding the bed. There are so many lighting designs out there today, but how do you integrate them subtly into your space? Here are five unique bedroom lighting ideas to add unique charm and elegance to your bedroom. And, these strategies are painless to install and have something for everyone.

【wall lamp】

Placing the bed against the wall, pairing it with carefully selected wallpaper and adding a delicate wall light creates a stunning bedroom design. The perfect companion to the bedroom, wall sconces offer the ideal solution for ambient lighting without taking up too much space. The wall light is fixed directly to the wall and is perfect for when space is limited on the bedside table. Plus, wall sconce installations leave you with valuable surface space for books, drinking glasses, clocks, or other essentials. Certain wall lights even offer plug-in options, making installation easy even for novices. If you need to install a style that needs to be fixed, there are also some simple tips to learn, so that you can easily complete the wall light installation yourself.

【Top-illuminated Floor Lamp】

Floor lamps, whether in the living room or the bedroom, can act as the main light source in a small area, and can also coordinate with other light sources to create a changeable light and shadow atmosphere. Its soft light is especially suitable at night, bringing a warm effect to the space. In the living room, you can easily place the floor lamp in the corner of the sofa to provide brightness for reading or watching movies at any time. If you place it in the bedroom, choose a top-illuminated floor lamp, which will create a comfortable ambient light indoors and highlight the atmosphere of the bedroom. In addition, most of the floor lamps on the market have a variety of lampshades with rich materials, which can be selected according to personal preferences.


Ditch the traditional standard dome and experiment with a new finishing concept. The embedded chandeliers can add chic color to the room. Going beyond the dining room, chandeliers can also be brought into a walk-in closet or bedroom with high ceilings to create eye-catching drama. It's crucial to make sure you get the right size, though. Always make sure its diameter is at least the length and width of the room combined (in feet). For example, if the room size is 8 feet by 10 feet, the diameter of the light fixture should be at least 18 inches. For ceiling heights below 8 feet, you might consider a similar style but smaller flush-mount style.

【Hanging Lights】

If you're eager to go beyond the confines of wall lighting and go for something bolder, pendant lights are an irresistible addition. Whether it is a bedroom or a kitchen, pendant lights can be hung on both sides of the bed. Attached to the ceiling, pendant lights extend from above to the bed via cords or rods, creating an inviting visual effect that keeps the eye firmly in focus on the bed. You can opt for cord-attached lights, or for more structure, basic shelving brackets are ideal anchor points. Regardless of how you hang it, if the pendant light is above a nightstand, be sure to keep at least 12 inches between the surface and the light fixture. If you use clear glass lamps, you also need to ensure that the light is mild and avoids glare.

【Asymmetric bedside lighting】

Hanging a pendant light on one side and a small table on the other create an attractive asymmetrical bedside lighting effect. Instead of sticking to matching bedside tables and lamps, you can experiment with new combinations. The design possibilities are endless, experiment with wall lights, chandeliers, or even table lamps set opposite the pendant. Even two lamps of different styles can maintain a coherent overall look through common elements such as shape, color or metal finish. Ultimately, the goal of asymmetrical bedside lighting is to eliminate visual clutter while ensuring that the things you need are close at hand for a restful night.

Remember, the next time you're thinking about adding more lights, you'll have plenty of options beyond nightstand lamps to choose from.

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