There are so many things I love about a bedside sconce. It’s a practical option if you’re short on space, but I like to use them even in rooms with nightstands large enough for lamps. Sconces free up valuable surface area on your nightstands for pretty things and provide more directional light than lamps, which is especially useful when one partner is a night owl and one goes to sleep at 9pm. They are functional, beautiful, and can work in any style of room.

You might shy away from sconces if you don’t want to pay for an electrician to wire for them, and while I love the look of a hard-wired sconce, there are a lot of attractive plug-in options available now too, making sconces an option for everyone (even if you’re renting!) I rounded up some of my favorite bedside sconces in a variety of styles and price points. Scroll on down to check out my selections.


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