Modern Wall Sconce Lighting that Won’t Break the Bank

Modern Wall Sconce Lighting that Won’t Break the Bank

Great lighting can make all the difference in a space. Sconce lighting can help to create both depth and interest in a room. In our basement remodel, I’m planning on doing wall sconces in quite a few different spots. Due to the height of the ceilings, interesting ceiling fixtures aren’t really an option, so I’m counting on the sconces to take over the show!









I want to keep our space bright and modern without blowing our budget on lighting. I did a roundup of my favorite fixtures for you all- shop below!

1.Serge Mouille Wall Lamp / 2.Melange Elongated Wall Lamp / 3.Anvers Picture Wall Light / 4.Rousseau Sconce / 5.Aquitaine Torch Sconce / 6.Swing Arm Wall Sconce / 7.Top Wall Lamp / 8.Miira Wall Lamp / 9.Circ 3720 Wall Lamp / 10.Nelson Wall Sconce / 11.Melange Pill Form Sconce / 12.Screen Cannage Sconce / 13.Petit Nuage Wall Lamp / 14.Singapour Conical Wall Light / 15.Gossa Sconce / 16.Dot Wall Lamp / 17.Coltrane Wall Lamp / 18. Crystal Ball Wall Lamp / 19.Tubes Wall Lamp / 20.Bettys Wall Lamp

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