Pendant Lighting For All Budgets

Pendant Lighting For All Budgets

As we always shout from the rooftops, a good pendant light can provide the proper personality to any space. High-end or budget friendly - we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to keep your spirits high.

Scroll down and let us know if any of these top your favas!  Home upgrade

row one

Ay Illuminate Pendant Light || Ballet Pendant Light || Mizu Crystal Pendant Lamp || Onos Pendant Lamp || Parentesi Pendant Light

row two

Neverending Glory Pendant Light || Adelaide Pendant Light || Artsy Planet Pendant Light || Manto Pendant Lamp || Fertility Pendant Lamp

row three

Aeon Rocket Pendant Light || Iris Pendant Light || Momento Pendant Lamp || Voiles Pendant Lamp || Provence Linen Pendant Light

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