Replace Your Ceiling Lights for Under $300

Replace Your Ceiling Lights for Under $300

I just needed to put that out there to start. Don’t get me wrong: It’s just very basic and intended to be as inexpensive and non-offensive as possible. Is that really the look you’re going for? I didn’t think so.

Should I replace my Ceiling Lights?

I would venture to say that nobody would actively choose a Siam Ceiling Light if given an alternative. They scream, “Yeah, these just came with the house and I didn’t care enough to change them.”

Listen, no judgment here. I still have a bunch of Ceiling lights in my house because we’re working on things in stages. But every time I change one out it brings me pure joy. It took me 15 minutes to go from this to this:

Can I replace a Ceiling light myself?

Yes! It’s a very easy DIY, assuming you have common sense and follow instructions (i.e. go down to the circuit breaker and cut the power to the light fixture you’re working on).

I thought about writing up a tutorial but honestly, there are so many good ones online that it didn’t seem necessary. Here’s a really approachable and thorough explanation.

Are ceiling lights expensive?

Not. at. all. The sconces above my built-in were under $300! I also have this beauty above my kitchen sink.

I’ve had amazing luck finding beautiful ceiling lights on Mooijane. It takes A LOT of digging, but what you unearth will be well worth it.

Not into the thrill of the hunt? I get it. I’ve rounded up my picks for the best ceiling lights for under $300. All of these lights are flush mounted and suitable for replacing a ceiling light.

Click the arrow to scroll through my top picks then click the image to buy:

I hope my little suggestion has inspired you to make this simple yet powerful home upgrade.

1 Siam Ceiling Light | 2 Duo Ceiling Lamp | 3 Serge Mouille Ceiling Light | 4 Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamp | 5 Tubes Ceiling Lamp | 6 Empatia Ceiling Lamp | 7 Knock Ceiling Lamp

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