Discover everything you need to know about creating a well-lit space.

Lighting is one of our favorite design elements. Lighting is used to highlight features, create zones, and alter the perceived proportions of a room. The right lighting can add contrast, make a statement, and completely transform your space! We’ve listed out our top four tips to help you style and choose the right lighting.


Tip No. 1 — Layer Your Lights

A room is never complete without layered lighting. Make sure each room has 2-3 sources of light. Start with overhead lighting to brighten the space. Next, add dimension through accent lighting like lamps & sconces. A floor lamp tucked next to a sofa or a table lamp on a console table will help to illuminate your room and also make it feel well-designed.


Tip No. 2 — Create a Vignette

A decorative light fixture can be used to elevate any space in your home. Add a picture light above a piece of art or a sconce above an open shelf to instantly create an interesting vignette.


Tip No. 3 — Mix Styles & Materials

Lighting shouldn’t compete or match too closely. It’s best to consider a light fixture’s shape, color, and texture. A modern floor lamp pairs well with an overhead light that has clean lines but with a different finish or texture.


Tip No. 4 — Choose the Right Light Bulb

The type of lighting you choose for a room directly affects its atmosphere and mood. Combining the correct light fixtures and light bulbs illuminate your home and get both flattering and useful results. We personally love 3000-3500 Kelvin bulbs because of their warm and inviting color, combined with a brightness of 400-800 Lumens.

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