One trend that continues to grow in popularity for the bedroom is adding bedside lighting in the form of wall sconces. One of the biggest benefits to this choice for lighting is how it is a wonderful space saver for a bedside table, which is great for small bedrooms where space is already limited. And with the variety of styles available, you can find a perfect wall lighting fixture to suit your decor and function — I love a swing arm option in particular for the bedroom, as it makes for the perfect way to adjust the light direction for reading in bed.

Adding wall lighting in the form of sconces is also great for adding a stylish fixture or two that you might never consider for table lamps. Because these lights are on the smaller scale, you can get away with adding stylish looks without it being too much — like this beautiful Aquitaine Torch Sconce.

You can choose from hardwired styles that require proper lighting installation and provide a seamless look or take the easier route and opt for a plug-in style that looks just as great.

And you aren’t limited to just utilizing a sconce by itself — if space allows, you can pair a sconce with your bedside table lamp for ample lighting and go for a small sized sconce that is ideal for bedside reading when you just want a moderate amount of light at night.

Shop 12 of my top picks for each option in each and every style below…



1 Liila Wall+Ceiling Lamp | 2 Aquitaine Torch Sconce | 3 Aquitaine Wall Lamp 4 Swing Wall Lamp 5 Austere Wall Lamp | 6 Mouille Wall Lamp | 7 Melange Elongated Wall Lamp 8 Brass Vanity Wall Lamp | 9 Mid-Century Overarching Sconce | 10 Petit Nuage Wall Lamp | 11 Singapour Conical Wall Light 12 Crystal Ball Sconce

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