Guest Prep: Easy Lighting Updates

Guest Prep: Easy Lighting Updates

Do you have friends and family visiting this year for the holidays? Now is a great time to start thinking about little updates you can make around the house that will create a warm welcome. Every year we like to introduce a Guest Prep Series with easy and affordable ideas for updating your home. The changes benefit you all year long, but upcoming guests are sometimes the perfect motivation to work on updating spaces now. Today, we are thinking about lighting. The jewels of any room, good lighting has mega impact in refreshing a space. And with the shorter days and stormier skies of fall and winter, great interior lighting becomes even more important. Take a look at five trending lighting updates that will add warmth and function to your home.

Vary your Lighting Sources in Every Room

A well lit space is really important to creating a welcoming vibe. One overhead light is usually never enough in a space. Adding sconces on the wall, a beautiful floor lamp in the corner, or table lamps by the sofa helps avoid shadowy corners and ensures you can adjust your lighting needs throughout the day.

Think of Shape and Scale to make a Kitchen Island Statement

The heart of the holiday home is the kitchen. Draw guests in with statement lighting above the island. Think of shape, color and scale. Although intentionally minimalist lighting can make a statement, often a too small light in a large space kills the design. We like to use two or three large pendants depending on the length of the counter.

In our Beach Front project, our Ivy Pendant fills the space with an interesting shape, without blocking the view. 

Use Lighting to Add Trending Woven Texture

Layered neutrals full of texture have been a major design trend this year. One way to create the look is with woven furniture and lighting. Natural vine yellow woven pendants above the dining table in our Desert Oasis Project create texture and drama. The woven table lamp below in our Beach Front Project helps create an organic coastal vibe.

Elevate Bathroom Lighting 

One way to create a spa-like vibe in your guest bathroom is to update your lighting. Many times, bathroom lighting is overlooked. 

Look for Ceramic Table Lamps that create a Hand Made Artisan Vibe

Ceramics are trending. They create a layered artisan vibe in your home that feels pretty and curated. Along with florals styled in a ceramic vase, add ceramic lamps in your guest bedroom and in gathering spaces.

Have fun as you begin to think of updates you would like to make. We’ll be sharing more guest prep ideas soon.

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