The Most Affordable + Stylish Pendant Lighting

The Most Affordable + Stylish Pendant Lighting

It has been a nice respite, thank you all for your kind words and patience. I am slowly getting back to house projects and content for the blog. I really want to hone in on topics that can provide a good resource for you as you tackle your own home improvement projects. Next up for me, is a little mudroom/powder room refresh. That means simple, inexpensive changes that will go a long way. Replacing lighting, art, and painting or wallpaper is on the to-do list.


Let's talk lighting first. It’s one of those changes that makes a big impact but doesn’t have to break the budget. I have 2 pieces I am looking to replace, my pendant and bathroom vanity light. I would like both items to have style versatility, while still being budget-friendly. First up, pendant lighting. I have searched and scoured the internet for the BEST deals out there with a stylish aesthetic. Below are 12 under $300! If you are in search of a new pendant light, be sure to scroll down.


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I can’t wait to share more!

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1.Palma Pendant Light / 2.Parentesi Pendant Light / 3.Artsy Planet Pendant Light / 4.Sinus Pendant Light / 5.Ball Crystal Pendant Light / 6.Acorn Pendant Light / 7.A Cloud Pendant Lamp / 8.Guzzini Pendant Lamp / 9.Miira Pendant Lamp / 10.Discoco Pendant Lamp / 11.Triangle Pendant Light / 12.Oval Reeded Glass Pendant Light

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