Pendant Lighting: A Modern Way to Brighten Your Space

Pendant Lighting: A Modern Way to Brighten Your Space

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Pendant lighting is an easy way to update, and a popular way to change, the ambiance in any room of your home. Lighting is a way to reflect your style as well as illuminate your daily life. Choosing the right pendant lighting can bring a new style and feel into your space while providing some much-needed light in the right places.

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Before You Buy

Before purchasing new lighting, there are a few questions and considerations of which to be aware. Here are some helpful tips to help you narrow your search and find the perfect lighting for your home.

A Style for Every Taste

Decorating is all about personal style and pendant lighting is the perfect opportunity to inject your unique taste into your home. There is an incredible range of styles that will give you many diverse options to transform your space. Narrow down your choices in the search filter if you already have an idea of the style you are looking for. Looking for something modern or transitional for your new design? Maybe a luxe style that looks classic and high-end without the huge price tag? Spanish, rustic, and farmhouse designs are extremely popular. There are also kids' lights in pendant styles that will appeal to the younger members of your household.

Base Size and Lighting Type

Two important considerations that many shoppers overlook are lighting type and light bulb size. The lighting type refers to LED, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or another type. LED fixtures can help save you money on lighting your home and come in a wide selection. It is also important to know what light bulb size to use. Light bulbs have various base sizes and you’ll want to ensure you purchase the compatible size so you can use your beautiful new pendant lighting right away.

Features to Consider

Before purchasing, it is important to know what type of lighting options are available, to help narrow down the search.

Lumen Output

It is crucial to know what the minimum and maximum lumen output is for your pendant light. Lumens is just a fancy name for how bright a light shines and the tone it gives off. Lower lumen light bulbs tend to have warmer tones while higher lumens give off brighter, daylight tones.

Consider your space and how bright you need it. Don’t forget that style is second to function - make sure your lights will work in your space, first and foremost.

Dimmer Switch Compatibility, Single brightness, and Multiple Lighting Modes

Lighting fixtures can be pre-set with a single brightness level, dimmer switch compatibility, as well as multiple lighting modes (think of the dim, bright, and brighter tri-switches). Dimmer switch compatible lighting can make a real difference in the ambiance of a room and offer different lighting levels for different times of the day.


Find the style you want for your space. There is a lovely range of finishes available, from bronze and silver tones, to wood finishes, and even blue finishes. With so many, you are sure to find the pendant lighting to suit your space.

Pendant Size vs Room Size

Be sure to buy the right size pendant for your space, so it enhances your room design rather than overwhelms it.

  • Mini pendants are under 10 inches.
  • Medium pendants range from 10 to 20 inches.
  • Large pendants measure over 20 inches in size.
 10 inches
10 to 20 inches  measure over 20 inches

Check the dimensions section of the lighting options you prefer before deciding which to purchase. Measure the space inside your home where you plan to install your lights. It is even possible to filter your search based around that size. Without taking the time to note the pendant size, you could end up with lighting that is way too small or larger than appropriate for your space.

Hanging Options

If you are planning for a certain look from your pendant lighting, such as hanging it via rods, chains, cords or ropes, make sure to check out the key features section of each product to find out what is required for installation purposes.

Rods Chains Cords
  • You may need to shorten the hanging chain or cord, so it doesn't hang too low or high. Most brands include a generous length of the material required to hang the light, so the height can be adjusted as needed.
  • If you choose a pendant light with a rod feature, take note of the length of it. Some products offer adjustable rods, but others do not.

Location Rating

Some lighting pendants are made for use in outdoor locations or areas where there may be moisture, such as in bathrooms. If you have a unique area of your home that requires lighting, be sure to check the electrical specifications for the location rating of that product. Most are made for dry locations only, but there are products for damp and wet locations, as well.

Don't Forget the Bulbs!

Does it come with light bulbs? As discussed above, there are many types of light bulbs that offer various brightness levels. There are different base sizes, different wattage, and some bulbs are made for use with dimmer switches and other adjustable lighting switches. Check the specifications to see if the bulbs will be provided and what type of bulb the lamp will need. Be prepared with the right bulbs if your lighting fixture does not come with any.

Do you have the right switches? If you have a dimmable fixture that needs adjustable lighting switches or dimmer switches to be installed on the wall, be sure to buy and install the switches along with the fixture.

Plan For the Installation.

Make sure you have all the tools you need to install your new pendant light. Whether you are paying someone to install your beautiful new pendant lighting or you are installing it yourself, double check to make sure you have all the tools you need to finish the job. Most pendant lighting products will come with the necessary screws and other accessories, but you will still need the tools. This means everything from screwdrivers, drills & drill bits, and wire caps, even the wire cutters you may need to clip the chain, cord, or rope (if applicable) for hanging.

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